The Mi-Hy team met in Paris on March, 22nd for an important task: during a two day workshop they elaborated all the elements of a first prototype, analysed the system’s cycles, and defined upcoming goals. This intensive work session highlighted the synergy potential of a multidisciplinary team, where ambition and creativity were balanced with pragmatism and precision, resulting in what we believe is an equally realistic and innovative vision.

The workshop was hosted by Sony CSL, where Peter Hanappe and Aliénor Lahlou presented their current work on urban farming automation and offered a tour through the lab, featuring an AI music lab and a workshop full of robot prototypes.

After all the hard work, the participants visited a rooftop, which will turn into a flourishing Parisian urban farm and also feature the first microbial hydroponics prototype. With so much progress, the drinks and the view were especially rewarding.